Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One of our newer members of the Ravelry Irish Crochet Lovers Group had some tension issues on her first motifs.  She is sharing her experience in order to help other beginners.  Thanks Christina!

Christina:  I’m very new when it comes to Irish lace so I wanted to make sure my tension is right. Thanks for the help

Kim (frankiedavis)'s reply:  I’m thinking you want to be tighter, with a smaller hook, and maybe a not very stretchy thread. usually when I am joining a sc into a previous round, I go through both loops of the stitch. I use the back loop only for rows or places where I want a defining line. But for joining with one stitch, you want a little more strength, and using 2 loops will also prevent that one loop from stretching out. Hope this helps!

Christina:  so I made the suggested changes so does this look right? Or do I need to go down another needle size?

Lori (loriart):  It looks really nice to me! You are using hooks not needles? Then you can block them, get them wet, pat them in a towel and lay out flat to dry. You can pin them to a perfect shape then too.

Christina:  My first attempt at a shamrock it isn’t beautiful but not awful for my first attempt

Kim:  If you make a ring (buttony) and sew it in the center, it would be perfect!

If you need help, just ask on Rav!

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