Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Translation-Hardouin Volume 6, Lace with 3 Motifs, Carnation

IC Abbreviations
pc = padding cord (also known as packing cord)
p = picot ( here, 5ch 1dc in same stitch)
Make 15ch,
skip 1st ch, dc in rest (14dc).
Pick up pc, and work round the “baguette” (i. e. bottom section) with 14 dc on each side and 5dc into the lower point, 1dc into the upper point.

1st Central loop:  work 25dc on the pc alone. Pull on the cord to form the central loop (see picture) and join to flower with 1dc in the same stitch at the top end of the baguette, then 1 dc in next 2 stitches.
2nd loop: make 36dc on the pc alone, turn and join with 1st into the 2nd st after the central loop, curving it to look as in picture.
Turn, go back round loop, working in back loop of stitches and making picots:
(6dc, p) x 5, 6dc.
Make a 2nd row of dc all round the baguette, still using pc, and with 3dc at the point.
Flower petal 1:  make 25dc on pc alone, tighten cord and join with 1 stitch between the first and second picots.
Petals 2, 3, 4:  make 21dc on pc alone, tighten cord and join between picots.
Petal 5:  make 25dc on pc alone, tighten cord, and join between loop and flower base.
Continue round baguette, in back loop of stitch:  (4dc, p) x 3, 4dc.
Stem:  45dc on pc alone, return with dc in back loop of stitch, tighten pc slightly to give a curve to the stem.
Continue round other side of baguette:  (4dc, p) x 3, 4dc 
Work round the 5 petals:
st and last petals:  4dc, (p, 5dc) x 4, 4dc
Skip the last stitch of the petal as well as the joining st and the 1
st of the next petal, and tighten the pc a little after each petal.
Round the 3 other petals work 3dc, (p, 4dc) x 3, p, 3dc
After the 5th petal cut and finish ends.
--by Sally M.

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