Monday, April 16, 2012

Antique of the Week--Large Edwardian Collar

This beautiful collar is from Ebay seller adtjmd.  The seller has kindly shared these pictures with us!  The collar is an "antique hand made Edwardian Irish crochet lace collar in a rich cream...  Features an ornate dimensional floral motif showcasing a variety of multi-petaled flowers, some of which are 5-tiered, and finished off with a scalloped edge all around with dimensional florets scattered along the edge of the entire front panel...  Spans ~19in wideX20in long, with the front measuring ~16in vertically, neckline measuring ~14in, and finished all around."  Double click on pictures to enlarge.
Detail of front flower

Lower front of collar.  Note the added detail of the vine making a figure-eight as it winds down to the large rose.

Neck front

Side view.  I love the roses climbing up the side of the neck!

 Back--it's as elaborate as the front!

 Detail of back

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sharecropper said...

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.