Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lace Comparison

I've noticed that many of our favorite Irish Crochet motifs are echoed in other types of lace.  Irish Crochet was offered up as a lower cost alternative to the luxurious, expensive lace made in other parts of Europe.  Once you start looking, you see repeated motifs everywhere!  I found two pieces of lace that share design elements with one of my favorite Irish Crochet lace braids.

This braid is found in the DMC Irish Crochet Lace book, by Therese Dillmont.  It is Plate II, using figures 20, 50 and 75 to make it.  If you go to the Antique Pattern Library look down under "D" for the pdfs.  This braid is in pdf no. 2.  The figures are in pdf no. 1.

The example on the left looks like a tatting piece is crochet, and the one on the right looks to be machine made lace.  All three designs share the repeated ring-in-a-circle motif, laid out in a linear fashion.
Thanks to eBay sellers chpv and snakey03rr for permission to use their images!

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