We love sharing!  That is why we are here.  This blog would be empty without all of your contributions.  It is helpful for you to follow a few guidelines when submitting your Irish Crochet loveliness.

Please send your submissions to:

General Guidelines:
Photos:  photos must be your own, or you must have permission to share them.  Please make sure photos are clear, and in focus, and that they are at least 900px wide, so that we can pull out details if necessary.  We want to see this lace close up!  We watermark your photo with the ICT copyright to deter photo stealers.

Authorship:  We will sign articles or quotes with your first name and last initial, unless you request otherwise.

Compensation:  We do not offer compensation.  All submissions are voluntary so that we can share with each other and learn more about Irish Crochet.  And we thank you!

What we are looking for:
Your Finished Projects!  Please share your finished Irish Crochet projects with us.  Please send lots of photos, which hook and thread you used, and if you can, a list of the motifs that you used and where we can find the patterns if they are available.

Antique of the Week:  If you have antique Irish Crochet that you would like to share, please send clear photos and a short description, including where you got the piece, the age, any history that you know of, what it’s made out of, etc.

Pattern Translations:  These must be from antique or out of copyright patterns.  We can’t post any translations from modern books without permission from the author.

Unique Patterns:  If you have any original patterns that you would like to share, please do!  If you charge for your patterns, we can put a link to Ravelry or Etsy, or wherever you have your pattern posted for sale.

Modern Interpretations: Projects that use Irish Crochet as a base but are created for the modern lifestyle. 
Museum and Website Reviews:  let us know what’s out there!

Tutorials:  How-to’s with photos are great.  We will do some beginner tips and more advanced techniques.  Make sure you have enough photos to explain your process.  These photos can be 500 px wide.

Workshops:  Do you know of any workshops?  Let us know.

What else can you think of????  Let’s get our Irish Crochet knowledge out there for others to learn from and enjoy! 

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