Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lacis Diaries--Part One

Hello!  It's workshop time!  I am attending Maire Treanor's Irish Crochet Master Class at Lacis in Berkeley, CA, USA.  She is hosting a four-day class, and has come fresh from her first workshop in Seattle.  This is my third visit to Maire's Lacis workshop.  The first two visits were one-day events for me, but this year I am attending all four days!  In class we are about 12 students.  Half are new to the workshop and the other half are repeat offenders, like me.  It's nice to sit with some familiar faces!  The new students are all so nice and I am having a great time chatting with them.

Class time!
Maire and some of the other students brought antique pieces to share and learn from.  I've already found a new-to-me motif that I'd like to replicate.  I'll share that one later.  Maire was showing her collection, and I was VERY excited when she brought out the cover doily from Eithne D'Arcy's book!  She knew Eithne, and was able to learn from her before Eithne passed.  The doily was so beautiful in real life.  The pictures don't do it justice.  

The Cover Doily

Detail of Cover Doily.  It is silk ecru.

Butterfly Opera Bag
A second surprise was when Rosemary pulled out this lovely
Opera Bag.  She found it in an antique store, and lo and behold,
she also found it in the Pricilla book!  Seems like an industrious
lady from the early 20th century followed her pattern just right.

I am having such a wonderful time at the workshop!  I'll share the
progress on my projects soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, What fun to see the opera bag online. I'll look forward to seeing your new projects soon.
Thanks, Rosemary