Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Antique of the Week--Clones Collar with Symmetrical Design

This week we have a gorgeous collar from eBay-er adtjmd.  The collar is cream, made of fine thread, and is twelve inches from the neckline to the central point.  The ground is entirely a Clones Knot ground, and the collar is edged with a lovely scallop border.  I am impressed by many aspects of this piece, including the perfect little Clones Knots and the symmetry of the design.  I enjoy Irish Crochet where there is an overall pattern, but reflected designs like the one on this collar are my favorite.

The edging and a couple of the motifs can be found in the Priscilla Irish Crochet books.  The border is Figure 60 in Book 1.  The solid circle with the five little "leaflets" is unusual to me, as is the central three-dimensional flower.

Lower center point.  The wheel motif is Figure 23 from Priscilla Irish Crochet Book 1.

I love the winged leaves used throughout.  These look to be modified portions of the grape leaves in the Priscilla books.  Those leaves are part solid and part mesh.  For the leaves in this collar, I would say begin with a long stem over PC (at least 50-60 sc US), then turn and work back maybe 20 stitches.  Turn at the stem, connecting to it with an sc (US) and work all the way back up the 20, turning to work back down towards the stem when you get to the top.  You can create the arch in the stem by adding a stitch or two each time you connect to the stem, before you go back up the frond.  Repeat this for 7 fronds and on the 7th, continue all the way down the stem.

This is a great close-up of the central flower and the construction of the ground.  The individual knots are so consistent in their tension!

And can we talk about those Knots????  Wow!  The ground is worked like a picot ground, but with (about) 6 chains, Clones Knot, 6 chains on each arch.  You attach each arch to the row below, in the middle of the arch, just near the Knot.  A single crochet stitch (UK=DC) connects near a Knot but not AROUND the knot, as Maire Treanor teaches.  Her method allows the Knots to stand up at attention and keeps them tight at each intersection of the grid of the ground.  These Knots float a little off to the side. The knots themselves look like miniature bullion-style Clones Knots.

Grape motif from Priscilla Irish Crochet Book 2.  I haven't seen these leaves before.  I love them!

This collar is quite inspiring, and I'm so happy that adtjmd shared it with us!  Remember, if you have an antique that you would like to share, send it in!

Reminder to those participating in the Seashell Challenge:  email a photo to me, I will be posting Challenge pictures this weekend.

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