Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modern Lace--Kim's Espadrilles

Over on the Ravelry Group, Irish Crochet Lovers, some of us were chatting about what we do with all of our loose little motifs from practice, and from the CAL's.  Some folks keep a sample book and some make jewelry or embellish items.  Melba is making a fabulous bag, using a thrift-store purse and motifs in shades of brown.  I have been keeping all of my motifs in a ziplock baggie, saving them for....I don't know what!  I couldn't think of a project for them, as they are all different figures and weights of thread.  I like symmetry and using them in a joined piece would mean that I would have to make more of them to balance out my design.  I was feeling a little lazy about that.  During our chat I looked down at my feet, and lo and behold, inspiration struck!  I was wearing my cheapie espadrilles that I bought on clearance at Target.  Then and there I arranged some motifs on my toes and sewed them onto the canvas!  I received many compliments the next morning at the school run.  What do YOU do with all of your motifs?  Leave a comment below to help out the rest of us!  ~~Kim


IVELISE said...

Hi Kim...I loved this post1 and it is true, we crocheters always have a lot of motifs, sometimes squares that we drop by...I liked it very much the way you found to use yours! I am still a learner on modern irish crochet.....but I loooove to read everything about it...congratulations and greetings from Brazil!

Irish Crochet Together said...

Hello! I'm so glad you liked the post :) Hopefully there will be more useful and fun information here for you!