Friday, May 11, 2012

Challenge--Valentino Blue Lace Dress

Have you seen it?  Cameron Diaz is wearing it on the cover of this month's InStyle magazine.  Valentino describes this as a silk macrame lace dress, and it will run you over $5,000.  We've been chatting about it over on Ravelry, and some have come to the conclusion that the lace must be machine made.  Some of us think it's reminiscent of the heavy lace look of Irish Crochet.

I think this is the perfect inspiration piece for a Challenge.  Each month, we will post a Challenge, and anyone can participate.  The only rule is: be inspired!  (oh and send pictures!!!)  Interpret this beautiful Valentino dress into your own Irish Crochet creation. It can be a single motif, a series, or a repeating pattern.  It can be big or small, out of no. 10 thread or 100.  It can be using the color or not, the entire piece, or just part of it.  HAVE FUN!  Send Kim your photos by June 15th and I'll post a collage of them here on the blog.
Thanks to Eileen for the great idea of Modern Interpretation!

Here are some more shots of the dress and the fabric.  

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