Monday, May 7, 2012

Antique of the Week--Doily

Pat, a member of the Irish Crochet Lovers group on Ravelry shared some exquisite examples of IC a couple of months ago.  Over the next few weeks we will share all of the pieces on this blog.  Pat says, 
"A friend of mine had a bag of IC lace which she gathered up when clearing out her Aunt’s house in Roslea, County Fermanagh back in the late 80's. We got talking one day and the result is that I have now washed and blocked all these pieces for her.  It is not at all impossible that there were many made to the same design in the area. My friend’s older sister remembers, when she was a young girl, ladies from all over coming to the house for an evening working to make up designs from their individual motifs.  My friend’s sisters remember evenings of work and music when groups of local ladies would gather together to make their motifs up into finished articles, both secular and religious. Sadly the older generation of her family are all long gone now."   
17 inches in diameter

Detail of motif
If you have any antiques that you would like to share, please send photos to Kim at

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