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Translation–Hardouin Volume 1, No. 4, La Pensee


No 40 thread: Coats, DMC, Lizbeth etc
1.00mm hook
No 10 thread for padding cord
Can be worked in any size thread from No 10 to No 80, with appropriate hook and padding cord
English terminology
Standard abbreviations
pc=padding cord
Downloaded from
Worth a look to print out the photo, even if you don’t want the French text.

Wind the padding cord twice round the handle of a crochet hook, pencil etc.
Pick up working thread and make a slip stitch. Remove wraps carefully and work 38-40 trebles over the pc, ss into first dc to close the ring.
(Note: Mme Hardouin recommends a special treble when working over pc: work off 1 loop, then 3 loops. As she says, it covers the pc better.)
Working through both loops of each stitch over padding cord:

1st Crescent 10 dc over the first 10 stitches on the ring,
40 stitches on pc alone, turn the work back (to the right – see photo) and attach with pc by doing a dc in the first of the 10 stitches that you have just done on the ring - work the dc through both loops of the stitch.
(You will need to twist the 40sts/pc so that the top of the sts face outward – see photo)
Drop the padding cord, turn, and over the 40 sts on the pc:
1dc, 1htr, 36 tr, 1htr, 1dc, turn
Repeat this row.
Pick up the pc again, working 1dc into the same place where pc was dropped,
10dc over the first 8 dc of the crescent.
Then make 6 picots with 5 sts between.
Finish with dc in the rest of the stitches, increasing by 2 sts.
Before beginning this last row it is vital to tighten the pc so that the crescent will lie flat, otherwise your motif will not have a good shape.

 2nd Crescent
Again work 10 dc on the centre and begin the 2nd crescent with 40dc on the pc, turn and attach with 1dc to the 12th stitch of the 1st crescent. Turn and do 1 row of 3ch 1dc in the 2nd, turn and do a 2nd row the same, putting the hook into each hole; do 2 rows more, making a total of 4 rows of net. Take up the pc again, make 4dc in the 1st two holes, then alternately 2dc, 1 picot, 2dc and 4dc. After the 7th picot work 4dc in the remaining holes.

3rd Crescent Do 10dc into the ring and make a 3rd crescent like the 1st, attach to the 12th stitch of the 2nd crescent. After this last crescent, do a few sts on the ring with the pc, and do the stalk by working 60 dc on the pc and returning with trebles, still on the pc. Join the stalk to the ring, make a crown and a few dc more on the remaining sts of the ring. Cut and finish off the pc by stitching under the 1st crescent.Crown:  Dc over pc with a picot every 5 or 6 stitches. It is attached to the motif only once, about halfway round the motif, opposite the stem.
Translated by Sally M.

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