Thursday, March 22, 2012

Translation-Hardouin Volume 1, No. 8, Le Pneu

I used a #14 hook with #80 thread over two strands of #10 for the PC. Diameter of my flower is about 1.5 inches.
Rough Translation: (UK terms in parentheses) 
Make a circle with the PC by winding it around your hook shaft 25 or 30 times. (I wound it maybe 12 times)
R1:Fill the circle with as many sc (dc) as possible.
R2: Ch5, 1tr (dtr) in stitch, ch1, 1 tr (dtr) in next stitch, repeat italicised directions around, finishing with ch1, slip stitch into 4th chain of beginning 5ch.
R3: Over PC, 3 sc (dc) in each ch1 space.
R4: Over PC, work the spirals. Make a loop with the cord, working 20 sc (dc) around loop. Make one sc (dc) in the stitch below, tighten loop and make 4 sc (dc), skip 3 sc (dc) make one sc (dc) in the stitch below. Repeat italicised directions, spiraling around. Stop when you have 10 open stitches, now make the stem. You shouldn’t have to turn the PC. This round was confusing for me, so I am not sure if I’ve explained it correctly, but the result is nice :)
Stem: Continue, on the PC only, 75 sc (dc), making a loop halfway down and securing it with a slipstitch. ch2, turn and sc (dc) back up the stem, working around the loop, securing with a slipstitch, finishing at the top, with a couple of sc (dc) on the flower round.
By Kim

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