Thursday, July 12, 2012

Field Trip-Clones Lace Workshop, Lacis 2012

Lacis, in Berkely California
I had a very special treat today!  Although I'm not able to attend Maire Treanor's Clones Lace Workshop at Lacis this year, I was able to pop up to Berkeley today for a little visit!  It was so wonderful to see Maire, and also some familiar faces from last year.

The workshop is fairly informal, with a variety of projects and experience levels happening at the same time.  Maire breaks the chatting once in a while to demonstrate a technique for the whole group, and is otherwise occupied giving individual attention to the participants.  I saw people working with No. 10 thread, and with No. 80.  I saw colored thread and white.  Beginners were assembling their first small projects, and a few advanced folks were laying out more ambitious creations.  There were traditional motifs, motifs from Russian inspiration, and brand new motifs.  What an inspiring day for me.  Thank you everyone for welcoming me just for those couple of hours I was able to join you.--Kim
Maire demonstrates the Clones Knot
Leanne works on her shawlette.
Tiny hook and thread!  Leanne is using No. 40 DMC
Shawlette laid out on muslin.  Detail is of Roz's cyclamen leaf.

Design discussion.
Showing us the layout.
Look at how much she has finished!  These motifs are in different threads and lightweight yarns.
Cynthia designed her own grapeleaf.  She picked a real grapeleaf from her garden for inspiration.  
Patty's work-in-progress using No. 10 thread.  She is inspired by MOD.  We were all envious of her sketching skills too!
Maire has photos from her Summer School in Clones workshop on her Facebook Page.

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Lori McNamara said...

This looks like you all had a wonderful time, I love seeing the photos!